My partner had almost started to lose heart by the time he finally noticed an improvement. It was two months for him from the last time he ingested a dairy product by accident to when he was finally able to eat most acidic foods without trouble, and things continued to improve over the month after that, indicating the process wasn't finished yet. He's had long periods without trouble now, and only has mild problems when he accidentally swallows something unidentified, since his system isn't being bombarded with the stuff regularly. But now he can eat spicy foods, chocolate, and whatever else he pleases as long as it doesn't contain any milk extractives!

It might take even longer for you. Give at least three months' trial to the elimination of whatever proteins you think are troubling you (which, if you're reading this document, probably includes the dairy proteins. What are they called? Casein, sodium or potassium caseinate, whey or whey protein (in any form), lactalbumin, and lactoglobulin, mainly.) Don't get discouraged too easily.

How do I know if dairy is the problem?

How fast will I get better? A caution to the impatient

Ingredients to look out for

More hints on hidden dairy

Replacing the cow